Strategic Framework Process Organizational graphic
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Core Planning Team:

Provost Michele Gillespie chaired, along with three faculty vice-chairs. They led a representative faculty and staff group in the significant endeavor of translating the collective input on our distinctions into a focused set of themes, with our future vision at the center.

Thematic Working Groups

By taking deep dives into each respective theme, they brought back to the Core Planning Team an analysis of where we are currently and where we should focus forward in terms of our current, emerging and aspirational distinctions.

University Resource Group (URG)

Led by Senior Advisor Julia Jackson-Newsom and comprised of senior administrative and staff leaders, this group defined our current and future capabilities and capacities in the domains of space, people and financial resources such that our Strategic Framework is actionable.

Advisory Network:

Vice President Mark Petersen led this network, which enabled the input of our alumni and key supporters. This also provided a mechanism for capturing the expertise in strategic thinking that rests within our Board of Trustees, and our Boards and Councils across the University.